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Letter from the Indiana Attorney General to the Indiana State Psychology Board

March 30, 2001

Ms. Christine Kroll
Legislative Chairperson,
Indiana Occupational Therapy Association
101 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, Indiana  46204

Dear Ms. Kroll:

I am writing in regard to a letter that you sent to the Attorney General concerning a proposed Indiana State Psychology Board rule on the subject of the restricted use of psychology tests.  The board is required to promulgate a rule regarding this subject in accordance with IC 25-33-1-3.  In addition, however, certain procedures outlined by the code must be followed in order to establish any administrative rule.

Our office reviewed these administrative procedures.  We determined that the board has not met a 60 day notification requirement listed under IC 25-33-1-3(h).  This section requires that the Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Board, as well as other interested parties, obtain the proposed list of included tests 60 days prior to publishing a notice of intent to promulgate the rule.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you for your input in regard to this issue.


Jennifer S. Thuma
Deputy Attorney General


Testing Guidelines Endorsed by FACT
The FACT Board of Directors voted to endorse the International Test Commission’s International Guidelines for Test Use, edition 2000. To view the guidelines, click the following link. http://www.intestcom.org/itc_projects.htm.

2008 Membership Meeting
Current FACT members are cordially invited to attend the 2008 membership meeting of the Fair Access Coalition on Testing (FACT). This meeting will take place via teleconference at 11:00 am (ET) on September 15, 2008. Please follow the link for more information.

Restricted Test List Repealed in Indiana
May 17, 2007 - Legislation providing the Indiana State Psychology Board’s authority to create a restricted test list (RTL) has been repealed. HB 1821 removes language originally included in the counselor licensure law which passed in 1997. While this language has been in statute for ten years, a RTL was never successfully adopted despite multiple attempts by the Indiana Psychology Board in the last ten years. Effective July 1, 2007, this new law removes the authority of the Indiana Board of Psychology to create a Restricted Test List (RTL).

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